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Putin’s stain on humanity

The newspapers this morning of 4th April 2022

The Daily Mail led on alleged atrocities carried out by the Russian military in Ukraine, describing them as “Putin’s stain on humanity”. The Guardian reported on the “horror in Bucha”, while The Times ran with a graphic image of civilians who were “shot in the street”.

The Telegraph said that the civil servant formerly responsible for government ethics is among those who have been fined over lockdown parties. The former deputy cabinet secretary has been handed a £50 fixed penalty notice after she attended a leaving-do for a colleague in June 2020, reported the paper.

And the Daily Star said a top police officer has suggested that police should be able to work from home. The tabloid employs puns aplenty as it talks of a “lie-in of duty”, the “long armchair of the law” and the “thin snooze line”.

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